Jaipur has a population of approximately 4 million people and is the capital city in the State of Rajasthan. Rajasthan means the Land of Kings. Jaipur is one of the main tourist spots in India and has a distinct visible Indian culture and heritage that can be seen all around. It is also a well spread out city and quite beautiful. Jaipur is inhabited mostly by Hindus, though there is a large Muslim presence (13%) in the city. Christians are a extremely small group (0.2%). Jaipur is also developing as a modern city with many shoppping malls and businesses starting up, along with mega projects being undertaken by the government such as the metro rail system, etc.

Unfortunately, shocking factors are also present, such as Rajasthan having the highest number of girl infanticides in India, many atrocities that are committed against women and children, a high rate of child marriages, a rising crime rate, the strong caste system, corruption, etc. The Rajasthani people are also known to be business men and traders and so along with this comes greed, deception, corruption and hoarding of wealth.

As a ministry team, we work regularly with the small number of churches and other NGO’s here in the city, helping and strengthening them in the work that they are doing. Of course, we also need to do a lot of Spiritual warfare, worship and intercession. Being a small team we are not able to carry out all the work of helping the local churches and NGOs and do strategic prayer and worship in different locations of the city. So we would request you to pray and consider sending an outreach team over here to help us in this city. The visiting team would be doing regular worship and intercession and prayer walks in key places in the city.


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