Media DTS

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3rd July 2017

About the School: This is a University of the Nations registered live in training program where students learn about knowing God and making Him known.

It’s a place of learning and applying biblical principals so that we can impact and influence the society and community around us. Staff and students from different backgrounds live together learning and helping each other to fulfil the purposes of God for their lives. During this MDTS, the students also learn some very basic media skills in the area of Photography and video film making. The purpose of these media skills are to help the students learn and understand how to use media to share the gospel relevantly and effectively in a cross cultural setting. As part of their curriculum, the students do short media projects during the Lecture Phase which they could use on the Field Trip Phase.

Lecture topics include :

  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • The Character and ways of God
  • Relationship with God and others
  • Personal character development
  • Worship and Spiritual warfare
  • Gaining God’s heart
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Strategic Use of Media