Short Term

A volunteer worker helping us with our literacy program for young women and girls.

As a ministry team, we work regularly with the small number of churches and other NGO’s here in the city, helping and strengthening them in the work that they are doing. Of course, we also need to do a lot of Spiritual warfare, worship and intercession. Being a small team we are not able to carry out all the work of helping the local churches and NGOs and do strategic prayer and worship in different locations of the city. So we would request you to pray and consider sending coming over here to help us in this city. The visiting team would be doing regular worship and intercession and prayer walks in key places in the city.

Our housing and food is simple but good as per Indian standards. Living in the main city, we also have easy access to local transportation to get us around. Our ministry location has a very good broadband internet connection (unlimited) that is be available to visitors, guests and teams. We live in a very good and safe neighborhood. We are also strategically placed in the main city with close proximity to the main train station, beautiful parks, restaurants and fast food places, shopping and banking areas, tourist sites, forts and palaces, etc. An ideal location for our team.

So, could you please take a moment to pray and see if you would feel that God would lead you to partner with us by sending teams and helping us?



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